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March 29, 2000
Cubs undefeated
ESPN.com BaseballWell, it's true. The Cubs beat the Mets 5-3 in the first game of the 2000 season, played in Tokyo early this morning. Chicago capitalized on a disappointing day for NL Cy Young runner-up and star New York acquisition Mike Hampton. The teams meet again tomorrow night before another transcontinental trip back, after which the Friendly Confines will never have felt so friendly.
ESPN.com recap
Chicago Tribune story
WBBL.com's Kelly Feasel: Baseball 2000 Preview
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Second Season
Looking for a reason to like the CBA? The playoffs aren't interminable, crusade-against-
insomnia 7-game series. It's one and done as Grand Rapids enters the CBA Playoffs Wednesday as a 6 seed against number 3 Yakima. 
CBA Playoffs bracket
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Finally Four
Michigan StateThe winding, bumpy road to the Final Four arrives at an odd ultimate quartet. One of these teams is not like the others - that would be the Spartans, the only logical Indy entrant, who wrapped up a Final Four berth with a win over Iowa State, likely their toughest test of the tournament. That's exactly the kind of presumptive talk the implausibly remaining Wisconsin Badgers, who twice lost to the Spartans by single digits these season, want to hear. Meanwhile, Wolverine Kim says true fans applaud such unforgettable achievements, even if it is the team across the Great Divide. 
Wolverine Kim's letter to MSU and U-M fans
ESPN.com MSU-ISU recap
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: How 'bout those Badgers?
WBBL.com Final Four Home
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The Coin Toss
By Nathan Bierma
There are still those, including Jay Forstner in this week's The Paper, who say women's basketball is being forced down our throats - that the media's coverage and promotion are efforts to create demand or just duck the PC police. This is true. But it's incomplete to stop there. First of all, for years the sports media complex lagged even behind society in acknowledging females in the sports arena as anything but sexy sideline distractions. So even if the balance has swung too much the other way, I think it's healthy. Second, for all those crying about how inferior a product women's basketball is, what are you doing watching any men's high school or college ball? Why not just the pros, or just the NBA All-Star Game? Anything else is an inferior product. We all know better: that there is something that draws us to lower, purer levels of play. Could be that ever-burgeoning women's basketball, with an emphasis on teamwork and passing, could someday turn out better than men's.

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